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Friday, November 04, 2005

Are There Enough Judges?

There is nothing more important to a trial attorney than the availability of court time for a jury trial. The usual exception to this is when a jury trial will likely put your client in jail or result in a judgment for damages against your client.

Nevertheless, every case sooner or later must be concluded, and this is efficiently accomplished by having a jury trial. If you can get one.

The court system in Hawaii seems reluctant to provide jury trials for civil cases, especially civil cases consisting of larger commercial cases. Lets face it, in Hawaii we really have a criminal court system that dabbles in civil law. Almost all the trials are criminal trials and almost all the appellate decisions involve criminal cases.

The trial bar, as a whole, might have a different viewpoint on this. Therefore we ask for comments on this question:

  1. Do we need more Circuit Court judges on Oahu?
  2. Do we need more judges in Federal District Court?
  3. Do we need any more judges in any of the other courts in the state at any level?


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